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AI-assisted Training Modules & Integrations

Proper education about your product or services is the single most important aspect of onboarding sales reps. We make this easy with AI-assisted training module generation unique to your business that you can configure and use, even with your internal teams.

Customizable sales enablement training modules with quizzes

Integrations with most major CRMs, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, Affinity, Copper, Close, and more...

Receive an AI-generated sales training module draft within minutes to get your campaign up and running

Analytics & Recordings

Quickly QA sales reps by listening in to conversations, and pass along real-life objections and questions to your Product Marketing teams to hone in on your messaging and inform your future product roadmap. Track your pipeline and spend to understand and optimize Glencoco as a highly ROI-positive channel.

Analytics dashboard to track meetings, spend, dispositions, and caller notes

Listen to calls and hear how your prospects are responding to sharpened messaging

Customizable & Turnkey

Glencoco offers a unique contingent outcome based model where you can configure your price per outcome and qualification criteria. Adjust your price per outcome to account for seasonality, demand, and pause campaigns at any time. You're in full control.

Adjustable pricing and qualification criteria — publish, adjust, and pause campaigns

De-risked hiring — convert contractors into full-time hires after they prove results

Enrich uploaded leads with more mobile numbers

How It Works

Glencoco makes it as easy to set up an outbound calling campaign as you could set up a LinkedIn or Instagram ad campaign



  • Set up a top-funnel sales enablement training module — for our network and for internal use
  • Configure a price and qualification criteria for a held meeting


Integration & Analytics

  • Invite your AEs or closers to the platform and connect calendar availability
  • Integrate your CRM or upload your prospect lists



  • Publish your campaign, get meetings, and rate meetings
  • Track analytics and spend, gain insights

Have a permanent full-time hiring pipeline already trained on your products

Launch your campaign within hours

Starter Plan

I'm looking to setup and manage a campaign entirely on my own1-2 qualified meetingsper monthContact us
Plan highlights
A dedicated slack channel and solutions engineerA customizable training module and setup assistanceOur algorithmic auto-dialer cockpit and co-pilotA network of commissions-based sales callersCalendar integrationA dashboard to track meetings, call recordings, and analyticsUnlimited invites from your org to manage the campaignDe-risked pipeline of full-time sales hire candidates

Pro Plan

Most popular
I want support generating lead lists from my ICP3-9 qualified meetingsper monthContact us
Everything in the Starter Plan +
Unlimited mobile-enrichment of uploaded leadsSet up a DNS-connected email domain for automated email follow-upsAI powered call recordings and insights

Enterprise Plan

I need a scalable channel to build significant pipeline10+ qualified meetingsper monthContact us
Everything in the Pro Plan +
CRM integrationA dedicated Glencoco campaign managerFully managed caller onboarding, coaching, and feedback sessions
Your business is a fit if:
  • You provide B2B services or products. We do not support B2C use cases.
  • Your current annualized revenue is over $500k. For businesses below this, we recommend coming back once you have achieved product/service-market-fit.
  • You or someone on your team knows how to calculate your current CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

Meet Glencoco: Your smart dialer cockpit and co-pilot


Glencoco gets smarter and better over time

The clock is always ticking when it comes to pipeline.

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