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Our Vision

A Marketplace to rapidly launch B2B Outbound Sales motions powered by exceptional remote sales talent equipped with cutting edge sales tech.

For Remote Sales Jobs Seekers

Join 1000s of Fractional SDRs calling part-time and earning commissions with no quotas, layoffs or minimum hours on Glencoco!

  • See transparent listings of all campaigns on the marketplace with their qualification criteria and payouts.
  • Train to call for a campaign in hours and submit your audition.
  • Once approved, use AI auto dialer, CRM and scheduler to call and set meetings for the campaign.
  • Get paid instantly per qualified meeting booked!
Get Started as a Salesperson

For Companies building Outbound Sales Motions

Glencoco lets B2B revenue leaders launch their outbound sales motions in under a week! Move from the high cost, high ramp, variable outcome paradigm of in-house SDR teams to a low cost, no ramp, guaranteed outcome paradigm of a fractional SDR team.

  • Specify Qualification Criteria for your campaign.
  • Name your price per qualified meeting.
  • Build an AI enabled training to train fractional SDRs on your pitch.
  • Approve SDRs to set meetings for your campaign.
  • Run the meetings and only pay per qualified meeting!
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