Mastering Cold Calling: Catch the Expertise of these Outbound Sales Training Leaders!

Unlock Success in Remote B2B Outbound Sales with Insights from these 7 Experts

By Jae Ahn
Outbound Sales Training Conference


In sales, staying ahead of the curve is not just a strategy; it's a necessity. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional looking for fresh insights or an aspiring enthusiast eager to learn, tapping into the wisdom shared by influential figures can be the catalyst for your success.

In this blog post, we've curated a list of six influential figures shaping the future of sales. These thought leaders and trendsetters bring a wealth of experience, innovative approaches, and a keen understanding of the ever-evolving sales landscape.

Join us on a journey to discover the voices influencing the world of sales and providing inspiration for those looking to elevate their game. Let's dive into the world of sales excellence and glean insights from the best in the field.

The Power of a Seasoned Outbound Sales Mentor

We have directly observed the profound influence of experienced mentoring in the ever-changing terrain of remote work. In the sphere of remote B2B sales, where establishing meaningful connections is crucial, seasoned guidance emerges as a pivotal driving factor.

Navigating the intricacies of cold calling from a remote setting requires more than just skills—it demands insights and wisdom that can only come from seasoned experience. A mentor offering outbound sales training serves as a beacon, imparting knowledge accumulated through years of navigating diverse B2B scenarios.

The essence of remote success lies in mastering the art of effective communication, especially in the realm of cold calling. Seeking outbound sales guidance provides personalized insights, offering invaluable tips on crafting compelling pitches, overcoming objections, and building lasting client relationships.

In a remote work environment, confidence and resilience are key attributes for successful outbound sales. Drawing from personal experiences, seasoned guidance instills confidence in navigating uncertainties and equips individuals with the resilience needed to thrive in the ever-changing B2B landscape.

Glencoco has identified these 7 outbound sales training gurus for you based on:

  1. The originality and fidelity of their outbound sales content
  2. The accomplishments of these individuals as sales people in their own right.(we wanted people who actually walk the walk and dont just talk the talk)
  3. A persistent dedication to helping their followers break in to tech sales or improve their sales skills. (since this aligns with a core Glencoco value)

We think their insights can elevate your skills, boost your confidence, and pave the way for unparalleled success in the realm of remote B2B outbound sales. Explore specialized outbound sales training to further refine your skills and accelerate your success.

Meet the Cold Calling Experts Transforming Remote Income

Brian Lamanna


Brian Lamanna, currently Senior Mid-Market Account Executive at Gong, began his career as a standout Sales Development Representative at BrightEdge. Closing deals exceeding $2.5 million, he secured partnerships with notable brands like Mailchimp, Tony Robbins, and DentaQuest.

As a distinguished 4-time President’s Club member, Brian shares insights on inside sales, outbound marketing, and inbound lead generation on his LinkedIn. Explore his profile for expert perspectives on sales and marketing.

Brian’s Sales Content:

  1. Newsletter: Brian’s newsletter, a Sales Mini-Series that has garnered the trust of over 8,000 subscribers. Designed to be easily digestible in just 2-3 minutes, the newsletter delivers concise and impactful insights, providing a quick yet valuable resource for sales professionals and enthusiasts alike. Join the community of subscribers who rely on Brian's expertise to stay informed and inspired in the ever-evolving landscape of sales.
  2. Content Hub: Content Hub provides you with a wealth of resources catering to both free and premium content. Dive into a treasure trove of valuable tools, including discovery playbooks, cold calling scripts, email frameworks, and beyond. Whether you're seeking insightful strategies or practical guides, Brian's content hub offers a diverse range of resources designed to elevate your skills in the realms of sales and business development. Explore the extensive collection and unlock the keys to success in the ever-evolving landscape of salesmanship. Discover how Brian's expertise can serve as your guide in the dynamic world of outbound sales, providing mentorship, coaching, and training to propel your career forward.

Tom Slocum


Tom Slocum, a 16-year sales veteran and four-time sales leader, is the founder of The SD Lab, a business development agency specializing in scalable outbound sales motions. Recognized as a Top 50 Sales Leader to follow in 2022, Tom's passion lies in helping organizations build sustainable sales teams and fostering authentic human connections.

His extensive experience includes coaching hundreds of reps, leading teams to generate over $25 million in revenue, and assisting 30+ companies in achieving a 20%+ increase in meetings booked and pipeline generated.

Tom’s Sales Content:

  1. The SD Lab: The SD Lab is a dedicated partner for early-stage founders aspiring to elevate their startups. Going beyond traditional consulting, they align with businesses to refine top-of-funnel sales processes, emphasizing sustainable growth. Their mission revolves around enabling founders to concentrate on building and scaling their companies, especially during the challenging early stages of forming a sales team. With core offerings including a 14-week Revenue Accelerator Program, Custom Sales Playbook Design, and Team Coaching and Workshops, The SD Lab has successfully impacted over 30 companies, consistently delivering up to a 20%+ increase in meetings booked and pipeline generated. Grounded in values of empowerment, collaboration, and innovation, they invite businesses to reach out and embark on a journey towards optimizing sales processes with a committed focus on measurable, transformative results.
  2. 10 Things Every Cold Caller Should Know: Whether new to the role or seasoned, all Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) can benefit from the extensive expertise of Tom Slocum and Wayd Davis, who have accumulated over 15 years of experience in cold calling and meeting booking. This comprehensive guide encompasses various aspects of cold calling, including its rationale, operational mechanics, a structured framework, and a list of essential insights that would have been beneficial for them to know before engaging in cold calling activities.
  3. 35 Ready to Go Email Templates Package: Acquire this collection of 35 top-performing email templates, rigorously tested and endorsed by SDRs, Sales Leaders, and Founders. This package includes a variety of email templates for different use cases, along with pre-constructed email sequences. Bonus items are also provided, such as an introductory video, an email playbook enriched with additional insights and tips, and an email framework known as the "Hero Email."

Chris Bussing


Chris Bussing, with 9 years in technology sales at Oracle, Google Cloud, and as a founding member of Bespin Global's US-based sales team, is on a mission to reduce friction in cloud adoption. As part of Bespin, a Gartner-leading Cloud MSP, he aims to unlock the possibilities of cloud for SaaS companies and enterprises.

Beyond his 9-to-5, Chris dedicates himself to helping individuals kickstart and advance their careers in tech sales, emphasizing financial freedom, meaningful connections, entrepreneurial skills, and self-actualization as the rewards of this transformative path.

Chris’ Sales Content:

  1. Tech Sales Newsletter: By signing up today, you'll gain instant access to a treasure trove of valuable resources, including winning Cold Call Flow Templates, a comprehensive Interview checklist, and your personalized 90-Day SDR Success Plan.
  2. YouTube Channel: Chris’ channel strives to assist individuals in securing new positions in tech sales in the coming years, enabling them to leverage their career paths for increased earning potential, personal freedom, and the ability to make a meaningful impact in key aspects of their lives. In addition to the creator's own weekly videos, prominent figures in B2B sales and business development, including Kyle Coleman, Josh Braun, Chris Orlob, Dale Dupree, Marcus Chan, Matt Dixon, Anthony Iannarino, Mike Weinberg, and others, are interviewed. The goal is to extract inspiration and insights from these experts, providing valuable guidance for initiating and advancing careers in tech sales and ultimately realizing one's dream lifestyle. Explore Chris’s comprehensive resources for outbound sales mentorship, coaching, and training.

Jay Johnston


Jay Johnston is a seasoned technology sales professional with a four-year tenure at Dell EMC, where he excelled in roles such as Data Center Account Executive and District Manager for the South Central Region. Notably, Jay spearheaded relationships and achieved 300% of quota within nine months as an Account Executive in Minneapolis. His success continued as a Sales Development Specialist in Austin, earning prestigious awards and consistently surpassing quotas.

Now, Jay is the founder of Elite Tech Sales, a groundbreaking initiative focused on empowering driven professionals with the sales acumen and interview skills necessary to secure positions at top-tier companies. In this role, Jay leverages his extensive experience to provide personalized guidance and clarity for individuals seeking growth and opportunities in their careers.

Jay’s Sales Content:

  1. Elite Tech Sales: At Jay's Elite Tech Sales, ambitious professionals undergo a transformative journey, acquiring advanced sales skills and interview expertise to approach job opportunities at a Ph.D. level. Setting itself apart from traditional sales bootcamps, this program, led by Jay, leverages real experiences and successes at top-tier companies to guide motivated individuals towards career clarity. Unlike bootcamps making empty promises, Elite Tech Sales exclusively collaborates with companies committed to investing in individual growth and providing exceptional opportunities. The program's exclusivity ensures a tailored and impactful experience for participants, fostering authenticity and results-driven mentorship. If you're eager to accelerate your career and align with a program prioritizing your growth, consider applying to Elite Tech Sales for a unique and impactful journey.

Trent Dressel


Trent Dressel, a veteran tech sales expert and the current VP of Sales at D&D Wholesale Supply. Prior to his role at D&D, Trent showcased his sales prowess as a senior account executive at Qualtrics, generating an impressive $1.54 million in net new ARR over nine quarters. Trent's proactive approach, marked by over 60,000 outbound cold calls, propelled him from SDR1 to AE5 in just four years.

Currently, Trent serves as an instructor at CourseCareers, aiming to empower individuals to break into tech sales. He has crafted a comprehensive course, offering deep insights into prospecting, sales processes, sales tech, and interview success. Trent's impactful instruction has successfully guided thousands of students to secure their dream jobs at top tech companies.

Trent’s Sales Content:

  1. YouTube Channel: Embark on a transformative journey with Trent Dressel's YouTube channel, where he serves as your dedicated guide to unlocking the secrets of sales success and career advancement. Offering a wealth of insights and strategies, Trent specializes in empowering individuals in the realm of modern prospecting, career development, and cultivating a growth mindset. Dive into his meticulously crafted content, ranging from compelling cold call scripts and objection-handling techniques to mastering key metrics and building a personal brand across platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Trent's channel is a dynamic resource designed to boost your confidence, enhance sales performance, and create a customized career success plan spanning short-term goals to long-term aspirations.
  2. CONQUER THE COLD CALL - The Ultimate Cold Calling Strategy & Script for B2B Sales: Unleash the complete capabilities of your sales performance by harnessing the formidable power of cold calling, a paramount tool in any salesperson's arsenal. Tailored for driven representatives, this strategy places you firmly in control, fostering productivity independent of company leads. Despite its proven effectiveness, numerous sales professionals shy away from its implementation. Overcome any apprehension and propel yourself forward—enroll in Trent’s CONQUER THE COLD CALL course today. Acquire the confidence and motivation essential for success as you delve into proven techniques, mastering the art of navigating past gatekeepers and securing more successful calls with the strategic deployment of a single impactful question.
  3. Sales Coaching with Trent: As part of Trent's personalized Career & Sales Coaching services, he provides assistance in crafting compelling cold call scripts, adeptly handling objections, mastering key cold call metrics to meet income targets, boosting confidence and sales performance, refining the cold call process, securing guaranteed meetings, using the fear of rejection as motivation, and developing a customized career success plan spanning 90 days to five years. This comprehensive approach encompasses goal setting, accountability, and continuous development.

Shariff Dyer II


Shariff Dyer II is an experienced outbound sales professional with over five years of experience in AdTech software sales, real estate sales, and social media lead generation. Notable achievements include closing a $930k real estate deal and serving as an Account Executive at Decide, formerly LockerDome, where he consistently closed deals, achieved 500+ weekly outreach touches, and used a strategic 9-touch cadence.

Shariff is also the founder of an automated virtual hiring agency, offering comprehensive assistance with resumes, LinkedIn profiles, applications, and interviews. Beyond his professional pursuits, Shariff enjoys creating content, staying active through workouts, reading, and spending quality time with loved ones.

Shariff’s Sales Content:

  1. WealthUniversity: WealthUniversity is dedicated to the mission of empowering individuals with the skills and strategies needed to secure a remote position within a 30-45 day timeframe. Beyond that commitment, the WealthUniversity team ensures continued support at no extra cost until participants successfully obtain their desired positions. With a proven track record of assisting over 500 students in landing remote tech sales roles, WealthUniversity's inclusive program welcomes individuals from various backgrounds, including recent high school or college graduates, experienced professionals, veterans, and career changers. Regardless of skill level or industry, the doors of WealthUniversity are open to guide and support individuals in achieving their career goals. Join the vibrant community and let WealthUniversity be a valuable partner on the path to outbound sales success.

Nick Cegelski


Nick Cegelski, a seasoned entrepreneur and the Founder of 30 Minutes to President's Club, has been making waves in the digital realm. Based in Los Angeles, California, Brian is dedicated to building the #1 revenue media platform globally, leveraging hyper-actionable outbound sales tactics from elite tech sellers. His platform comprises a #1 sales podcast, live 30-minute Tactic Teardowns, toolkits with templates and scripts, and a value-dense newsletter packed with actionable insights. With a focus on accelerating careers and income potential, Brian emphasizes practical outbound sales tactics to win deals immediately.

Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Brian served as a Volunteer Coach for the USC Wrestling Team for over a decade, showcasing his commitment to community and mentorship. Brian's diverse professional journey includes roles as Senior Account Executive at Time by Ping, Enterprise Account Executive at SurePoint Technologies, and Account Executive at Aderant. He also previously co-founded SuppNow, revolutionizing supplement accessibility with kiosks in gyms. Brian's dynamic career trajectory reflects his passion for outbound sales, coaching, and creating transformative business solutions.

Nick’s Sales Content:

  1. 30 Minutes to President's Club: The platform is striving to forge the world's leading revenue media platform, driven by the cutting-edge outbound sales strategies of tech industry maestros. This dynamic platform introduces four potent products meticulously crafted to catapult your career and earnings to unprecedented heights. Begin with the cornerstone of their offerings, the globally acclaimed #1 sales podcast, delivering unmatched insights. Immerse yourself in Tactic Teardowns—a live, distinctive 30-minute dissection of authentic outbound sales tactics, surpassing conventional webinars. Delve into their Toolkits, housing ready-to-use templates, scripts, and playbooks for seamless integration into your outbound sales cycles. Navigate the competitive landscape with their Newsletter, an invaluable resource teeming with the most value-rich outbound sales content and actionable insights from elite sellers. At 30 Minutes to President's Club, the emphasis is solely on action—eschewing theoretical discussions in favor of concrete outbound sales tactics that deliver immediate results. Accelerate your success by mastering your tech stack, embracing strategies from top performers, and streamlining your calendar for impactful success in the outbound sales arena.

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