Mastering Outbound Sales: Strategies for Remote Success

Navigating the Digital Divide in Sales Development

By Jae Ahn


The relationship between Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and companies faces unprecedented challenges amidst the transition to remote work. Navigating the complexities of remote communication, adapting to digital environments, and sustaining a motivated sales team are significant hurdles. Against this backdrop, the imperative to master outbound sales is underscored by the need for more economically viable strategies in outbound B2B sales. The conventional playbook no longer suffices in a dispersed work landscape, prompting a crucial reevaluation of sales frameworks. This exploration aims to unravel the innovative approaches and tools required to overcome these challenges, providing insights into crafting strategies that are not just adaptive but economically sustainable for achieving success in the dynamic landscape of remote B2B outbound sales.

Outlook on the Landscape of B2B Outbound Sales

Commencing in 2024, players like Google and Yahoo announced significant changes to their email sending criteria. Focused on combating spam and enhancing user experience, both tech giants will mandate bulk email senders to authenticate their emails, provide accessible unsubscribe options, and keep their email volume below a specified spam threshold. This transformative move, impacting those sending over 5,000 emails per day to the Google/Yahoo network, encompasses various communication channels, including newsletters, marketing messages, transactional emails, and cold email follow-ups. The imminent changes underscore a collective effort to curtail spamming and foster more relevant, valuable, and personalized outreach.

Amidst these changes, the landscape of B2B outbound sales is poised for a paradigm shift. With stringent criteria aimed at ensuring the authenticity and relevance of emails, the spotlight turns towards the significance of cold calling as an even more crucial aspect of effective outreach. The emphasis on personalized, value-packed communication gains newfound importance, making cold calling an invaluable strategy for establishing direct and meaningful connections in a landscape where email outreach undergoes a redefinition. As the industry adapts to these evolving criteria, the role of thoughtful and targeted cold calling emerges as a cornerstone for success in B2B outbound sales beyond 2024.

Why Remote Success Matters

In today's workforce, remote success is no longer a trend but a decisive factor in attracting and retaining top talent. A recent survey by The Conference Board highlights the shift in US workers' priorities, emphasizing workplace flexibility—whether through hybrid models or remote options—as a key component of competitive compensation. With 50% of workers satisfied with current compensation and base salaries at a 22-year high, the focus on non-salary elements, particularly workplace flexibility, is paramount. This shift, acknowledged by Diana Scott of The Conference Board, places responsibility on HR leaders and C-suites to ensure ongoing engagement in hybrid workforces. The survey also reveals a gender gap, with women valuing flexibility more than men, emphasizing the need for tailored compensation. As the competition for talent grows, workplace flexibility becomes a valuable benefit, potentially offering cost savings for proactive companies. In a landscape where only 15% work entirely in-person, neglecting flexible options risks a shrinking pool of hires, making remote success a strategic imperative for navigating the future of work.

Data-Backed B2B Outbound B2B Sales Strategy

Time and Day Matters

Understanding the optimal times for outreach can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your cold calls. The data reveals that approximately 80% of cold calls are made during the window of 10 am to 4 pm EST. This timeframe aligns with when professionals are more likely to be available and engaged, presenting a prime opportunity to capture their attention.

Moreover, the concentration of calls on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, comprising over 60% of total calls, emphasizes the importance of initiating conversations early in the workweek. Tailoring your outreach strategy to prioritize these days and times can maximize your chances of connecting with decision-makers when they are most receptive. outbound-sales-data-1.png

Hottest Industries for Remote Sales

Unlocking valuable insights from Glencoco's internal metrics, we've identified pivotal industries shaping the landscape of remote sales. Strategically targeting these thriving sectors can significantly elevate the impact of your outbound B2B sales endeavors. Notably, the realm of Ecommerce has witnessed unparalleled growth in B2B distribution, reshaping how businesses operate with just-in-time inventory management and seamless international market access. DCKAP anticipates that spending in B2B eCommerce is projected to hit $1.52 trillion by 2023, is driven by the Millennial workforce's affinity for online shopping, technological strides, and the sway of influential online marketplaces like Amazon. Forecasts for 2023 spotlight a surge in customization demand, heightened digital transformation investments, a pivotal role for artificial intelligence, the ascent of subscription-based models, sustained growth in mobile commerce, market fragmentation, and increased social commerce engagement by B2B entities.

Embrace the prospect of joining our remote SDR team through Glencoco, where each of the industries listed below holds the promise of a lucrative opportunity. Your journey to success in remote sales awaits, and these diverse sectors offer a gateway to a fulfilling and rewarding career with us! outbound-sales-data-2.png

Lead Profiles to Focus On

Analysis across nearly 150,000 calls revealed compelling insights into effective lead profiles for Glencoco users. Remarkably, users successfully booked nearly 40% of all qualified meetings with leads holding titles such as "Ecommerce Manager," "Owner," "CEO," and "President." These key profiles emerged as high-impact targets, showcasing a significant propensity for successful engagement. The data underscores the importance of prioritizing outreach to decision-makers and high-level executives, aligning with the trend of effective interactions observed in the analysis. Understanding and strategically focusing on these lead profiles will be instrumental in optimizing the efficiency and success outreach efforts of B2B outbound sales. outbound-sales-data-3.png


Mastering remote outbound sales requires adapting to the digital landscape, evolving email criteria, and the preferences of a remote workforce. Glencoco's data-driven insights emphasize key strategies such as targeted cold calling, industry-specific focus on Ecommerce, and prioritizing high-impact lead profiles. Changes in email criteria by industry giants highlight the need for adaptable outreach. The survey by The Conference Board underscores the critical role of workplace flexibility in talent retention. As B2B outbound sales evolves, embracing these strategies positions professionals for success. Explore opportunities within Glencoco's remote SDR team for a rewarding career in the dynamic realm of B2B sales.

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