Remote Sales: Outbound Sales Jobs to Supplement Your Income

Supplementing Income through Remote Sales at Glencoco

By Jae Ahn


The potential for supplementing income through remote work has grown significantly, particularly in the realm of outbound sales. This guide explores the evolving dynamics of remote work, highlighting the opportunities for individuals to achieve financial success with Glencoco's outbound sales software platform. As traditional workplace boundaries fade away, the shift to remote employment opens doors to new possibilities. We'll delve into the transformative potential of engaging in outbound sales remotely, leveraging the innovative strategies offered by Glencoco to not only adapt but thrive in the changing landscape of income supplementation through remote sales.

The Rise of Remote Sales

The post-COVID era has led to widespread adoption of remote work, raising questions about the sustainability of this trend. Amid this shift, the sales landscape faces scrutiny regarding the effectiveness of remote sales. Insights from a Hubspot survey of over 1,000 sales professionals reveal diverse perspectives, with 36% finding remote sales easier, 21% encountering challenges, and 43% experiencing no significant impact. This contrasts with the broader professional workforce, where 90% claim remote work improves productivity.

The research indicates that 46% of sales organizations currently operate under a hybrid model, recognizing the value of remote work. Looking ahead, 50% plan to adopt a hybrid model, acknowledging that sales, with its human element, may not thrive exclusively in a remote environment. The effectiveness of remote sales hinges on factors such as the sales process, industry, organizational structure, and technology. For instance, 41% of CRM users find remote selling easier, and organizations under a flywheel model report increased ease compared to those following a sales funnel model. In conclusion, the impact of remote sales is multifaceted, requiring adaptability and an understanding of individual suitability amid the evolving landscape. Professionals must align their approach with the diverse factors influencing remote sales dynamics to excel in the dynamic field of sales.

Comparative Analysis: Glencoco vs. Traditional SDRs

Industry: $26.45 (Zip Recruiter)

Glencoco: $47.2 (average value since Jul 1, 2023) outbound-sales-hourly-earnings.png

Our internal analysis reveals that the significant 78.45% variance in hourly compensation can be attributed to three key factors: an inclusive compensation structure, educational qualifications, and Glencoco's innovative proprietary technology.

Flexible Compensation Structure :

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of workplaces across the nation, it initiated an unforeseen trial of remote work. McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey indicates that out of 25,000 Americans, indicates that 58% of respondents have the option to work from home at least one day a week, with 35% having the opportunity for full-time remote work. Notably, 87% of those offered flexible work seize the opportunity, reflecting a significant shift in work preferences.

As for Glencoco, the platform not only offers users a diverse array of companies to collaborate with but also empowers Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) with the freedom to make calls at their convenience. What sets Glencoco apart is its unique approach—SDRs operate without traditional quotas, commissions tied to closures, or commission caps. Instead, the emphasis is on qualification rather than closure, providing a distinctive and liberating experience for top-performing Glencoco users. Explore further insights into how these high-achieving users leverage the platform's advantages here. out-bound-sales-qualified-meetings.png

Educational Resources:

As per insights from The Bridge Group Report, the average Sales Development Representative (SDR) ramp-up time stands at 3.1 months. In contrast, Glencoco streamlines the onboarding process from the moment a caller registers on the platform, completing the SDR training and gaining approval from Account Executives (AEs) in an average of 6 days.

Glencoco collaborates closely with AEs across campaigns to craft swift and comprehensive educational courses. These courses ensure that SDRs are equipped with all the essential knowledge to initiate qualified meetings effectively. The platform's unique approach empowers users to align with campaigns that resonate with their strengths, allowing them to choose industries they are passionate about or wish to specialize in. This dynamic shift not only accelerates the onboarding timeline but also offers users the freedom to explore and excel in areas of genuine interest. outbound-sales-teachable.png

Glencoco’s Proprietary Technology: offers an innovative platform tailored for fractional SDRs, providing them with advanced tools and features to enhance the cold calling experience. The platform includes:

  1. CRM Lead View: This feature allows SDRs to manage prospect information effectively, adding and saving leads from campaigns into their call backlog for seamless communication with Account Executives (AEs).
  2. Automated Dialer: The Automated Dialer supports power dialing and targeted dialing for select leads, optimizing the efficiency of outbound cold calling activities.
  3. Scheduler and Meeting Tracking: Integrated with Calendly, this feature ensures seamless meeting scheduling and fair distribution among AEs, enhancing coordination in the outbound sales cycle.
  4. Instant Payouts and Leaderboards: Fractional SDRs are incentivized with instant payouts for qualified meetings, fostering a competitive environment that rewards consistent outbound sales efforts.


For SDRs and those looking to break into tech sales, embracing the role of a fractional SDR can be a strategic move. The flexibility and variety offered by platforms like not only hone your sales skills but also provide a unique opportunity to work with diverse clients and campaigns, broadening your experience and expertise in the field.



Glencoco is a standout opportunity for individuals seeking income growth through fractional SDR roles. With features like CRM Lead View, Automated Dialer, Scheduler, Meeting Tracking, Instant Payouts, and Leaderboards, the platform redefines the remote sales experience. Embracing Glencoco's fractional SDR role is strategic for both seasoned professionals and aspiring tech sales enthusiasts, offering not only financial rewards but also opportunities to refine skills and work on diverse campaigns. Seize this chance, leverage advanced tools, and embark on a rewarding journey with Glencoco for success in the dynamic field of remote sales.

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