The Sales Tech Difference: Comparing Glencoco's Outbound Sales Metrics to Industry Standards

Glencoco Outbound Sales Metrics vs. Industry Standards

By Jae Ahn


The seismic shift towards remote work is reshaping the landscape, thrusting us into the transformative domain of Fractional and Remote Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). These pioneering roles redefine outbound sales, and Glencoco leads this evolution with innovative outbound sales software designed to enhance productivity and streamline the sales process.

The Role of Remote SDRs in B2B Sales

Embracing Fractional SDRs

Cost Optimization: Fractional SDRs introduce a pragmatic and cost-effective dimension to outbound sales, allowing businesses to leverage seasoned sales professionals without full-time commitments. This adaptability empowers organizations to allocate budgets judiciously, ensuring optimal sales efficacy, especially when complemented by advanced outbound sales software.

Increased Flexibility: The agility inherent in fractional roles is a game-changer in the dynamic B2B sales landscape. Businesses can seamlessly adapt to fluctuating demands, maintaining a nimble approach that responds to market changes. This flexibility maximizes opportunities without unnecessary resource commitments, supported by comprehensive outbound sales metrics provided by cutting-edge software solutions.

The Changing Dynamics of B2B Sales

The B2B sales landscape is undergoing a transformative shift towards personalized and multi-channel outreach. Modern outbound sales, extending beyond cold calling to include email and social media, emphasizes the importance of personalized interactions in 2023. Generic messages are now ineffective.

As B2B buyers demand a tailored experience, outbound sales strategies must evolve. The trend in 2023 underscores the importance of personalization, segmentation, and multi-channel outreach. Sales teams need to adapt by actively participating in real-time interactions through social media, video, and chat.

Furthermore, the integration of AI and automation into outbound sales processes is pivotal. With growing data and interactions, B2B marketers and sales teams turn to AI to manage and prioritize outreach efforts. The evolving dynamics of outbound sales in 2023 highlight the need for close collaboration between sales and marketing teams.

As we near 2024, traditional outbound email campaigns face challenges from tightening regulations, highlighting the emergence of cold calling as a potent tool for direct and personalized interaction. Stricter standards from Gmail and Yahoo underscore the need for adaptability in outbound sales strategies. In this evolving landscape, Fractional SDRs on platforms like Glencoco play a pivotal role, providing flexibility, specialized skills, and cost-effectiveness to navigate regulatory challenges and facilitate rapid business scaling. A Platform for Fractional SDR Jobs

Glencoco offers an innovative platform tailored for fractional SDRs, providing them with advanced tools and features to enhance the cold calling experience. The platform includes:

  1. CRM Lead View: This feature allows SDRs to manage prospect information effectively, adding and saving leads from campaigns into their call backlog for seamless communication with Account Executives (AEs).
  2. Automated Dialer: The Automated Dialer supports power dialing and targeted dialing for select leads, optimizing the efficiency of outbound cold calling activities.
  3. Scheduler and Meeting Tracking: Integrated with Calendly, this feature ensures seamless meeting scheduling and fair distribution among AEs, enhancing coordination in the outbound sales cycle.
  4. Instant Payouts and Leaderboards: Fractional SDRs are incentivized with instant payouts for qualified meetings, fostering a competitive environment that rewards consistent outbound sales efforts.

For SDRs and those looking to break into tech sales, embracing the role of a fractional SDR can be a strategic move. The flexibility and variety offered by platforms like not only hone your sales skills but also provide a unique opportunity to work with diverse clients and campaigns, broadening your experience and expertise in the field.

Comparing Glencoco's Outbound Sales Metrics to Industry Standards

We, at Glencoco, have been obsessing over how our tech can deliver an outsized advantage to the fractional SDRs dialing on our platform and, as a result, the outcomes we deliver to our customers. Our meticulous measurement of key metrics, including Book Rate, Connect Rate, and Hold Rate, showcases the significant impact of our innovative outbound sales software on fractional SDR performance.

Connect Rate

The rate at which a call initiated connects to a real person or voicemail of a real person.

Industry: Average call-to-connect rate with B2B sales’ prospects is 3.8% (Zipdo)

Glencoco: 16.6% (Sept. - Nov. 2023) outbound-sales-metrics-Connect-Rate.png

Book Rate

The percentage of calls that successfully convert into scheduled appointments or bookings.

Industry: 1% of cold calls ultimately convert into appointments (Zipdo)

Glencoco: 2.3% (Sept. - Nov. 2023) outbound-sales-metrics-Book-Rate.png

Hold Rate

The percentage of meetings marked qualified by the customer AE.

Industry: Typical conversion from a run meeting to a qualified meeting is 52.7% (Operatix)

Glencoco: 71.6% (Sept. - Nov. 2023) Hold Rate Graph

Future Outlook and Recommendations

As we delve into the ascent of Fractional SDRs, their trajectory in B2B sales suggests sustained growth. The adoption of remote work has propelled virtual sales teams, with remote SDRs integral to evolving business strategies.

Glencoco enable’s its fractional SDRs with digital infrastructure and lead enrichment processes that makes a notable difference in the connect, booking and hold rates for the SDRs on the platform. SDRs who booked atleast one meeting averaged $52.2 in earnings per hour of talk time on the platform. Talented sales people + cutting edge sales tech result in outsized earning potential and a robust cold calling operation.


In summary, Glencoco's SDR metrics outshine industry standards, demonstrating the prowess of embracing the remote work revolution. Businesses are encouraged to leverage platforms like Glencoco for elevated outbound sales performance, capitalizing on the transformative capabilities of Remote SDRs. Embrace innovation, stay agile, and navigate the future of B2B sales with Glencoco as your strategic partner.

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