An Evergreen Outbound Channel for Selling into Restaurants, Studios, Dental Offices, and Properties

How Zitti set up a campaign on the glencoco marketplace to scale up its customer acquisition for its software at an insanely low cost per meeting

By Glen Coco
A Happy Zitti Customer

The Challenge

There are over 660,000 restaurants in the United States. Restaurant decision makers are incredibly busy, and always on the go. Scaling up door-to-door teams costs money to stand up, and marketing spend targeting restaurant folks typically won’t effectively result in high conversions. What if there were a way to quickly crowd-source an army of cold callers to work through front-of-house gatekeepers to set meetings as a permanent channel?

Zitti's Business Overview

Zitti is a seed-stage restaurant software company headquartered in Los Angeles offering a platform that handles food vendor/purchaser payments, invoicing, and order guides product that helps restaurants save 3% or more on food vendor costs by allowing them to easily price compare different vendors on a monthly and real-time basis. They have a distributed sales team across the United States, but as an early stage company, face challenges in hiring and ramping up their team quickly to handle outreach to their large restaurant TAM.


A courteous, professional phone call is the single most effective marketing channel to connect with a prospect and deliver a pitch that convinces them to evaluate a solution/service, but this approach is also the most challenging to scalably utilize. Typically this involves hiring full-time SDRs, which incurs recruiting, training, tool spend, and management time and costs. Ken Hoppe, the CEO of Modigie (a mobile number enrichment database) and former EMC/Google Sales Exec, says “we used to run numbers and after accounting for overhead, training, tools, recruiting/churn, we arrived at ~$4,000” as the cost per qualified meeting!

Where Glencoco Comes In

Glencoco is not a SaaS tool in the traditional sense with licensing fees, onboarding costs where you need to justify cost per user. Glencoco was designed by and for Growth teams to set up, monitor, manage, and pause an outbound cold calling campaign as easily as they could set up a Linkedin or Instagram ad campaign.

With Glencoco, Zitti and other companies can self-onboard and publish a campaign that:

  • Specifies a price per qualified meeting
  • The qualification criteria
  • Upload a calling script and training modules
  • Sync their CRM bi-directionally or upload a CSV
  • Connect their AEs’ calendar availability to the platform
  • Set up multiple segmented campaigns
  • Pay only per qualified meeting
  • Monitor and view results through a dashboard
  • Be able to real-time field questions from callers

Zitti utilized Glencoco to set up an outbound campaign into over 20,000 restaurants. From signup to campaign launch, it took them 7 days, and were able to achieve this at a cost per meeting cheaper than a Linkedin ad Cost Per Lead.

Zitti Results

In the first month of the campaign, Zitti leveraged this crowd-sourced model to receive 100 meetings, a frequency so high that their Account Executives could not easily manage their calendars and so technical changes had to be made to slow the volume of meetings down to keep pace with their business needs.

Snapshot as of June 27, 2023

  • Duration: 2 months
  • Campaign Industry Focus: Restaurant Owners and General Managers
  • Net New Customer Trial Signups: 40
  • Total Spend: $6,000

I've since introduced Glencoco to other companies looking to grow their pipeline. Glencoco is awesome.

Dante DiCicco, CEO and Founder of Zitti

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