Scalable Event Sponsorship Outreach and Sports Season Ticket Member Outreach with NASCAR

How Professional NASCAR Driver Ryan Ellis Utilizes Glencoco as his Unfair Advantage in Generating Upcoming Race Sponsorships with Local Businesses

By Glen Coco
Ryan Ellis, NASCAR Driver

The Challenge

Professional sports is a massive industry, and are a huge attraction for businesses looking for marketing and brand awareness initiatives. Whether it’s sponsorships, season ticket holder outreach, VIP concert ticket sales, outbound efforts can have a huge impact in connecting businesses or customers with professional sports teams and athletes.

Ryan Ellis' Business Overview

Ryan Ellis Racing is a professional NASCAR driver competing full-time on the Xfinity Series, driving the No. 43/45 Chevrolet Camara for Alpha Prime Racing. With a former background as a Lead Generation/Marketing Director at Technology companies, Ryan Ellis applies his previous B2B demand generation experience to separate himself and his team from other drivers on tour by utilizing B2B marketing tactics to generate sales qualified meetings with blue-collar business owners and Head of Marketing at regional companies around where his upcoming races are.


To fund his upcoming races, Ryan Ellis and his team offer two types of event sponsorship packages: a secondary sponsorship, with business logo placement on his racecar and 3-5 VIP track passes, and primary sponsorships, with more prominent business logo placement on his racecar and 15+ VIP track passes. Ryan Ellis uses Glencoco to generate sales qualified meetings by running campaigns using Glencoco’s platform and marketplace to post information about the location of his upcoming races and uploading lead lists into his campaign for Sales Professionals in the Glencoco network to call into. As a result, he’s able to have a high volume of outreach in an incredibly low-overhead way, since his schedule is typically filled to the brim with meetings and events and race preparation.

Where Glencoco Comes In

Glencoco is not a SaaS tool in the traditional sense with licensing fees, onboarding costs where you need to justify cost per user. Glencoco was designed by and for Growth teams to set up, monitor, manage, and pause an outbound cold calling campaign as easily as they could set up a Linkedin or Instagram ad campaign.

With Glencoco, NASCAR and other organizations can self-onboard and publish a campaign that:

  • Specifies a price per qualified meeting
  • The qualification criteria
  • Upload a calling script and training modules
  • Sync their CRM bi-directionally or upload a CSV
  • Connect their AEs’ calendar availability to the platform
  • Set up multiple segmented campaigns
  • Pay only per qualified meeting
  • Monitor and view results through a dashboard
  • Be able to real-time field questions from callers

Ryan Ellis utilized Glencoco to set up an outbound campaign into local businesses in regions close to his upcoming races to solicit event sponsorships.

NASCAR Results

Snapshot as of August 30, 2023

  • Duration: 4 months
  • Average Sales Cycle: 10 days
  • Campaign Industry Focus: Local Businesses around upcoming NASCAR races
  • Opportunities Generated: 107
  • Races Funded: 8
  • NPS Score: 10/10

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