Announcing Glencoco & Stetson University's Centurion Sales Program Partnership

Glencoco and Stetson University's Centurion Sales Program partner up to offer Stetson undergrads an opportunity to gain real industry sales experience and course credit

By Glen Coco

Glencoco, a freelance gig marketplace for sales & business development, is excited to announce its former partnership with Stetson University, which will offer its students a chance to gain real world industry experience in sales, earn income, and even get course credit.

Stetson University, which is well known for its national competition-winning Centurion Sales Program, has a unique Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR) as part of its required curriculum for undergraduate students whose majors are within the School of Business Administration.

Glencoco x Stetson

"The purpose of this requirement is to prepare students for their professional careers before they graduate. Our goal is to provide real experience to students through internships, significant leadership, and other opportunities that give them an advantage when starting out in their professions. The key is to start now through planning, researching, and exploring opportunities. Waiting to plan your careers after graduation is far too late!" – Bob Gibson, Director of the J.J. Master Center for Professionalism.

For the Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR), Stetson students choose from a list of approved and sanctioned internships that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Active experience beyond the traditional classroom
  • Transfer of learned course material to a real-world setting
  • Use of concrete examples and meaningful discussion to gain an understanding of the future work environment

Now, students can choose Glencoco as an option to satisfy their ELR. Students particularly interested in careers in sales and seeking exposure to the fast-moving world of innovative technology companies, startups and incumbents, along with a way to earn income on a flexible, remote basis should consider Glencoco. They'll be able to log hours spent using Glencoco's unique platform, which provides training and enablement learning modules provided by companies in the marketplace, software like a dialing system, calendar scheduling, task management, messaging, and payments, to satisfy their ELR credit.

Sales is one of the most fundamental skills in business, and the technology industry is one of the most dynamic, innovative industries to build a great career, so this early exposure can serve to both develop actual applicable skillsets to provide an advantage in a competitive job market, while opening students' eyes to the world of technology startups and diverse businesses listed on the Glencoco marketplace.